Pedicle Screw And Rod Fixation
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Pedicle Screw And Rod Fixation

Cox Monoaxial Reduction Pedicle Screw

  • COX Φ6.0
  • Fule

Product Description

Posterior Spinal Screw-Rod System Spine Implant Pedicle Screw

  • Cox Monoaxial Reduction Pedicle Screw

6mm pedicle screw.jpg

Name Description (mm)  Product Code
COX Monoaxial Reduction Pedicle Screw φ4.0×25 015710000
φ4.0×30 015711000
φ4.5×30 015712000
φ4.5×35 015713000
φ5.0×30 015714000
φ5.0×35 015715000
φ5.0×40 015716000
φ5.5×35 015717000
φ5.5×40 015701000
φ5.5×45 015702000
φ5.5×50 015703000
φ6.0×35 015718000
φ6.0×40 015704000
φ6.0×45 015705000
φ6.0×50 015706000
φ6.5×35 015719000
φ6.5×40 015707000
φ6.5×45 015708000
φ6.5×50 015709000
φ7.0×35 015720000
φ7.0×40 015721000
φ7.0×45 015722000
φ7.0×50 015723000


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